I wanted a wee

To the tune of Queens ” I want to break free”

I wanted a wee, I wanted a wee
I wanted a wee without ties, but you, won’t leave my side,
I daren’t do a poo,
I just wanted a wee,
God knows, God knows I wanted a wee

You followed me up, you followed me up
You followed me last time, but this time I wanted it so-lo
You followed me up,
God knows, why you must follow me up.

And I know, you’re nearly two, hey yeah
I can’t get over that you like to watch me poo,
And you hang by the door
Or you’re there on the floor
Oh how I wanted a wee, alone
Oh how I wanted a wee
Oh how I want a solo wee.

But, you still climb on,
I can’t get used to pooing with you, pooing with you
Pooing with you there, by my side
I just want to poo alone, hey
God knows, got to poo all on my own

So toddler can’t you see?
I’ve got to have a wee
I’ve got to have a wee
I’ve got to have a wee yeah

I wanted wanted wanted a wee.



    1. This is great! I’m guaranteed to be singing it all day … Hopefully not out loud at work!

      1. ahh thank you so much! I sing it all the time now, The diva is singing it too. thank you so much for reading. xxx

    1. Brilliant, I love the photo too! We have definitely all been there and yes, I have had to give Zach cuddles while I’m trying to do a poo. It’s those moments that I’m thankful that I get to at least do it in peace at work! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

      1. I bloody love a poo at work. You get paid to poo and no-one disturbs you. Happy days. Thank you so much for reading. xxx

    1. Haha! This morning I did number 2 with an audience! I am not used to it anymore as my son started school and I can usually do this without him but since its summer vacation my toilet audience is back =P

      This is such a funny song!


      1. When do they grow out of wanting to watch you? I have visions of teeneagers following me into the toilet. eugh… thank you so much for reading. xx

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