Things my toddler has tried to eat. 


So this week I picked my 21 month old Incredible Hulk up from nursery to be told he’d had a wonderful time playing in the sandpit, he’d taken all his favourite cars in there with him and he was in there for quite some time, happy as larry apparently. We don’t have a sandpit, what a marvellous sensory experience this is for him, I think to myself, smiling smugly about the fact that he’s had fun and I don’t have to clear up the mess.

I got home and told Mr Mess, Stress and Fancy Dress about The Hulk’s day at nursery. We made fabulous middle class comments about how beneficial the whole experience would be to his general well being and patted ourselves on the back for selecting such a marvellous and varied nursery environment for him to grow and develop in. All was well. Until……. the sand-poos began, they continued for 36 hours. I’m astonished there was any sand left in the sandpit. Three days of granular poos later, and one rather sore bottom but no lesson will have been learnt. He’s got previous. In his 21 short months on this planet, my little human pac man has already enjoyed the following delicacies;

  1. Worm. Well, half a worm. I’d like to think he tried the worm and then spat half out, but in reality he probably got distracted half way through eating it and forgot to finish.
  2. Shoes. If you are convinced that ice lollies are just too cold and not for you, what better thing to lick than the sole of one of this seasons finest Clarks offerings. Preferably with a large coating of mud so you get a nice brown moustache.
  3. Compost. Potting some plants? Bucket full of compost and a little shovel? I’m not overly interested in using cutlery at dinner time Mummy, but more than happy to scoop up some compost on this little trowel, and shove the whole lot in my mouth.
  4. Happy land men. Who knew a little mouth could in fact accommodate an entire man?
  5. His own shit. You’d hope he would have grown out of this by now, but he loves nothing more than having a little root around as you open the tabs on the nappy. Before you can say gastroenteritis, the dirty brown hand of doom will be straight in his mouth and a smug smile flashes accross that cheeky little face.
  6. Cabbage. As if.

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    1. Hopefully he’ll stop eating shit by the time he gets interested in girls otherwise I don’t rate his chances of furthering the Powell linage. Love the blog, keep ’em coming xx

      1. Just think of it as excellent story to tell all them future girlfriends you won’t like the look of. I’m doing the same with my toddler, she insists of fishing the toilet paper out of the toilet and eating it. And yesterday she looked as if she was gonna turn into a smurf, she chewed up and swallowed entire chalk…

        1. Toddler are absolute mingers! I’m thinking one dag I can just show prospective partners this blog so they really know what they’re dealing with!!!! I don’t think he’s fished anything out if the toilet yet, but there’s still time……..

    1. Clearly he is not a fussy eater! And if experience is anything to go by the gritty sand pooh will continue! And my final thought for the day, has he in fact just discovered a new ‘sand & pooh’ food combo!!??

    1. O lordy! That’s a lot of different things that he’s tried already. Maybe he’s shaping up to be a food critic and needs a whole range of experiences to compare food to?! #TwinklyTuesday

      1. Since I wrote this post, we’ve had worms! I feel it might have been this food exploration which caused it! He is a minger. Thanks so much for reading my post. xxxxx

    1. Now we all know how much I love your blog but this post is pretty cool if I may say so! Now, if Jack ever reaches for poo I shall run for my life. That would make me vomit 🙂 xx #TwinklyTuesday

      1. Hello gorgeous! Lovely to see you here – Thanks for still reading. The hulk is a minger of the highest order, hopefully your Jack will have far more discerning tastes! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Hilarious! Particularly like #6 because I’m standing firm with him in the refusal to accept cabbage as edible too 😉 Thanks for sharing on #twinklytuesday ~Jennifer (TheHollyhockDoor)

    1. Oh my goodness, his own shit?!! Ewwww! Great post though lovely – just think, you wouldn’t have been able to write it if he hadn’t eaten it all! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

      1. Ha ha, he gives me no end of marvellous material. Thank you so much for commenting and for your marvellous linky. Xxx

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