Disney – A Necessary Evil?

On the one hand, I bloody love Disney. They entertain my children with energy and enthusiasm when mine has long since run out. They can be constantly relied on upon to sing and dance and placate even the grumpiest toddler. And for this, I will be eternally grateful. On the other hand, I dislike the horrendous sexism contained within most films, however without them I would never get the dinner made or sit down and have a cup of hot lukewarm coffee, so my fine upstanding morals have been trodden down by my need to peel a potato without a 2 year old driving a car up my leg.

So I have narrowed it down, here are the things about Disney that annoy me the most.

  • The songs. They are too catchy. Too many times I have been caught in traffic jams singing “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen to myself. It might be the case that I use a high voice to be Anna and a low voice to be Hans. This may well have even happened after I have dropped the kids off at Nursery and I am on my own in the car, but that might just be rumour.
  • The innuendo. Why must you make me explain to my 3 year old why I am laughing hysterically at Anna’s request to Kristoff to “take me up the North Mountain” And really, must they send Anna to the docks looking for men?
  • The outfits. Most pre-school girls want to be a Disney princess. They con you, you purchase numerous items of fancy dress. They will not remove these for love nor money, given a choice they will sleep in them. With this in mind, must Disney design such impractical outfits. I can tell you from experience that you can’t get spaghetti bolognaise out of a yellow satin Belle outfit. I can also tell you that trying to do a wild wee in a park wearing a Cinderella dress is pretty tricky. And lets not even talk about that aggressive branch, ripping the cape off the back of the Elsa dress. At some point can they please have a Disney Princess in jeans?
  • The merchandise. Really must you plaster Disney Princesses on such utter crap? Granted there are definite positives to the power of the Princess – you can actually get a 4 year excited about a flannel if Aurora is on it – but they do make the most horrendous items, covetable. No, I do not want a plastic recorder with a picture of Ariel on it, in my house. To be fair I never ever ever want a recorder to cross my threshold again, but that’s another story.
  • Disneyland. The Holy Grail of holidays. The Diva knows it “costs too many pounds Mummy” but she still begs to go every night. When you ask her what she is going to dream about tonight, she mostly says “Disneyland. Maybe one day when we have more pounds we can go there Mummy?”

However, all is forgiven when they made Brave. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should. The key message in the film is that although your Mum might be quite annoying at times, she is excellent and you should love her. And on the grounds of this film alone, Disney I salute you.

Friday Frolics

Friday Frolics


      1. I had avoided all things princess for a good while and when the demands became too great I gave in. It goes against every feminist part of me and sometimes I have to quell the angry person inside and remember that she doesn’t understand. The diva now knows that being clever and kind are more important than being beautiful. It’s a start, but she’s still desperate to be as pretty as the princesses. Thank you for reading x

    1. This made me giggle, thank you! At least in Frozen there is the nice sister power element, not juts about finding prince charming! My little ones were a bit scared by Brave but maybe now they’re older we could give it another try! Becky x #FridayFrolics

      1. There is the sister element but The Hans and Anna story line makes my blood boil. I think I maybe read too much into it! You’ve got to love the trolls though. Try Brave, I bloody love it! Thanks for reading. X

    1. I have two boys so instead of Frozen it is Toy Story and Cars in this household and they aren’t too bad though they still have the same catchy tunes you speak of but nothing like ‘Let it go’ which would drive me nuts! #Fridayfrolics

      1. Let it go is horrendous. You find yourself singing it at the worst possible moments. Toy story is pretty good. The boys films don’t make me want to throw Germaine Greer at the television, and are far more watchable! Thanks for reading. X

    1. Oh I have a love hate relationship with Disney too… and have also caught myself singing the Frozen soundtrack when I’m by myself!
      Here’s to more practical princess outfits – dungarees??

      1. I’d take dungarees, would it kill them to have a princess something they can climb a tree wearing? I have many years of shameful public singing ahead of me I feel! Thanks for reading! Xx

    1. I can solve one of your problems for you. The big one used to love meeting characters of all shapes and sizes. People dressed up in costumes did not phase him. I was organising an event and had hired a Fireman Sam costume for the day. It was delivered to my house and I thought it would be fun to get Daddy to dress up in it and surprise the big one. I was getting the big one into his PJ’s when Fireman Sam appeared in his bedroom. SURPRISE! Now I must say that the size of these costumes is quite daunting in a confined space, and what I thought would be fun actually scared the crap out of my son! Oops, my bad. The end result of this is that to this day he runs screaming in the opposite direction of anyone dressed up. He has seen the adverts for Disney Land and has made me cross my heart and hope to die promise that I will NEVER take him there because of the people dressed up. So there’s your answer. Hire a costume. And maybe save for some therapy bills.
      Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

      1. Ha ha love it! Also maybe loving it more that your husband just dressed up as fireman Sam for fun. Please tell me you have photos (that you never show to the big one ever) my mum has paid for and organised a Paris Disney trip for next year. Id like to think I will be scornful of the whole affair but in truth I will probably be skipping down the road witht the diva singing “let it go” and dancing badly. Thank you for reading and for your lovely linky. Xx

    1. Disney rocks! I’m a huge fan (even worked as a Cast Member in Florida for a while). I’m secretly glad I have two girls as I get to do the Princess thing all over again! (Sorry for all the exclamations! It’s the Pixie Dust they inject you with during training!)

      Great post! Love the photo. #FridayFrolics

      1. Ha ha you are a sucker for punishment! You must be relentlessly cheerful if you worked at Disney. I so want to hate it, but it always does some thing to make sure I forgive it. They’re no fools at Disney. Thanks you so much for the pixie dust and for reading! Xx

    1. So very, very true! I’ve got two boys so much of the merchandising is Cars or Lego related, but same sort of effect. What sadistic demon invented the Cars drum kit I refused to purchase the other day to ensuing wailing and pouting? #FridayFrolics

      1. Jesus wept. A cars drum kit. Whatever next? Save us all now, there is no hope! Thank you so much for commenting, I’ll get to your 10 things soon I promise, it’s a bit crazy here as it’s the holidays so no break from the kids to use my brain! Xxx

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