Hide and Seek Championships 2015

We’re please to announce the finals of the Hide and Seek championships 2015 will be played off in the last week of the school summer holidays. The matches have largely been close run to date, but successful contenders, 36 year old Mummy and The Diva, 4 are looking forward to the final match next week.

image Mummy has put in a surprisingly strong performance, despite her plus-sized frame. Her “Down-the-side-of-the-house” move was inspired and foxed no less than 4 finders for at least 5 minutes. And that’s despite a fair few cheeky peeks through the window and a helpful small cough because she could smell the dinner burning. The Diva has perfected the now patented “Under-curtain” positioning, and her inventive use of blankets has been copied nationwide.


Lets have a look at the contenders we have lost along the way. The nearly 2 year old Hulk went out of the competition early on, although a skilled and determined seeker, sadly his inability to hide has been his downfall this year, as Hide and Seek is certainly a game of two halves.


He has also been politely asked to leave the arena on more than one occasion after shouting “Mummy” and giving away the hiding place. At one point it looked like Small Cousin (5) was going to make it through to the final. Her “Under-the-bed-with-the-duvet-carefully-draped” move, foxed all the children sending Mummy out to find her after the momentary “have we actually lost a child” panic had set in. Big Cousin (7) lost out after inciting the collected children to turn the game into sardines and all gather under the coffee table. This was all very funny until the Hulk bit the Diva and the game was abandoned while the Hulk took some time out on the Naughty Step.


The nation breathed a collective sigh when we lost Daddy. He had been named as a potential contender for the Rio Olympics, but has seen a fair few recent disqualifications for foul play. His hiding places are generally inspired, however his questionable morals when Mummy is still hiding, has led him into disrepute. Distracting the children from the game in hand with Hungry Hippos, leaving Mummy hiding in a cupboard for 15 minutes will not be tolerated by the National Hide & Seek Association and clearly contravenes their code of practice.image

So as the Diva continues to find new and inventive places to hide, we ask ourselves if this game is doing Mummy’s waistline any good. On the one hand it’s not doing her self esteem much good when she actually got her bottom stuck in a small gap between an a la carte kitchen and the sofa. But its amazing how many biscuits you can snaffle down before shouting “ready or not, here I come!!”

Friday Frolics

Friday Frolics


    1. What a heart-warming and genuinely funny post. I love this idea and now I’ve got the giggles 😀
      Annie xx

    1. Love this! Your children look like they’re equally, er, talented at Hide and Seek as mine are. They each choose the exact same spot to hide – every. single. time. And they get furious if we find them too fast. So we’ve perfected the art of loudly pretending to search for them while we actually roam slowly around tidying up the house. And by ‘tidying up the house’ I obviously mean ‘eating biscuits and reading the paper’.

      1. Hide and Seek really is the perfect opportunity to eat biscuits. preferably the chocolate covered ones you don’t let the kids have. I love the slow search. with very loud commentary throughout that you never manage to finish without someone jumping out shouting “I’m here mummy” They are indeed very skilled.

    1. Brilliant post Helen. So funny. I love kids logic, if I can’t see you, you can’t see me, therefore laying on the sofa with a pillow over my head is a perfectly acceptable hiding place. Likewise if I find a good hiding place I’m going to use it for the next ten goes, because you’ll never think to look there again! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Awesome post. I woke the baby because I laughed out loud (it’s okay, she went back down!) Thanks for sharing!


    1. Haha! I love kids hiding places! I think I would be quite happy sitting in a cupboard for fifteen minutes! 🙂 #FridayFrolics xx

    1. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more hilarious that preschoolers playing hide and seek. Mine are now in school, so I tell you to continue to cherish these moments as I can tell you already are.

      1. Thank you! They are utterly hilarious. I think I will really miss it when they can actually successfully play games. I love it that we invent new rules to connect 4 on a daily basis too. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. x

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