Imaginary friends

My daughter has an imaginary friend, Aurora. Who better to choose to spend your formative years with than an actual Disney princess? It wouldn’t be my choice of friend to hang out with all day, but I’m not 3 and I don’t think she knows who Knight Rider is yet, so we’ll let her off.

Aurora has a birthday every week. The Diva studiously makes birthday presents for her and other than her own name, Aurora is the only other word she can write without needing to copy. When I’ve run out of stuff to do, the pritt stick has dried up and I can’t bear to hear the My Little Pony theme tune again, we sometimes host birthday parties for Aurora. It’s surprisingly tricky to play musical statues with only 3 contestants, one of whom is no more present in the room than Charlie and Lola’s mum (where is she?) But try we must. Sometimes the Diva lets Aurora win, sometimes she is punching the air with the glory of her own victory. I never get to win, such is Mummy’s life! Sometimes we play pin the tail on the donkey, the Diva has even potato printed “wrapping paper” so we can wrap up a plastic banana and play pass the parcel for her.
Generally the Hulk is just mounting the sofa in the background, looking on at us dancing frantically to “Let it go” as he absent mindedly eats a Duplo fireman. He’s well up for the party tea though, inhaling 3 snack eggs before you can say “party ring”

I sometimes suspect that Aurora is in fact just an excuse to have a party every week. If you talk to her about Aurora in any other context, she looks at you in a pitying fashion and says “Mummy, Aurora isn’t real you know, she just my imaginary friend.” But silly Mummy gives into it every time. Maybe I’m just secretly hoping I can win that plastic banana, and really who can resist an iced gem?

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