Sticker books – or heroin for pre-schoolers. 

I’m ashamed to admit my 3 year old has a terrible addiction. We started small, I even encouraged it, I thought there would be benefits for us all. Educational, I thought, as we removed the stickers from the CBeebies magazine. Creativity is to be encouraged in one so young, I thought. Little did I know that this was merely a gateway activity and before I knew it, we’d have a £5.95 a day Usbourne sticker book habit.

In the beginning it was brilliant. At 2 and a half she could sit for about an hour with very little interaction totally focused on her sticker book. I had a small baby, it was either that or watch Frozen again, so I chose the silent sticker book, and sealed our fate. For months I’d find stickers everywhere, they were in her hair, on the soles of my feet, I once walked round town with a small dinosaur stuck to the back of my thigh. Then she got more obsessive, the stickers had to go in the book and they had to go on the right pages. Now she can’t leave a sticker book unfinished. I can only give her one if I know we’ve got a full 90 mins to 2 hours for her to do it. Clearly this is fabulous for when I have some “mummy jobs” to do while the crazy toddler is asleep, you know, washing up, cruising Facebook, having a poo, that kind if thing. However if something unexpected happens and we need to put the book away, all hell breaks loose. She just can’t give it up. She stands next to the cupboard where I store the new sticker books, gazing hopefully, she knows which Amazon parcels contain them just from holding the unopened package.

I really don’t know what to do, do they do sticker rehab? I might call Jeremy Kyle tomorrow and see if he can send Graham round. Do we go cold turkey or maybe try and wean her off, move onto softer stickers, maybe get her a Pritt Stick.
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    1. i love that she knows when there’s a sticker book in the post.

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