Mumsnet. I think I love you.

Dear Mumsnet.

We’ve been friends a while now, you and me. I met you when I was pregnant with my first child. You reassured me that being pregnant really was this nuts, but to go with it and not to worry. You helped me to track my pregnancy. You warned me about giving birth and gave me some pointers. It seemed you understood me.

I gave birth. We stayed in touch. Mostly in the early hours, sometimes I was listening to your advice with tears in my eyes. You made me feel like less of a failure. You were like a big sister of sorts. When I had run out of ideas, you were always there.

Sometimes I disagreed with you, sometimes I didn’t like what you were saying. I would leave you for a while but I would always come back to you. Our hearts were intertwined.

So here comes the big reveal. I have been harbouring a crush on you lovely Mumsnet for some time. I just don’t think I can continue to hide my love under a bushel any longer (I don’t really know what a bushel is, but I reckon it’s getting in the way). Our fate is written in the stars dear Mumsnet. The only possible end to this glorious story involves you and me, running off into the journalistic sunset together. In short, I love you.

I know you’ve noticed me. You’ve made me blog of the day a few times. I’ve caught you winking at me across the internet. I think you like me, but I just hope you haven’t already resigned me to the friend-zone. I fear I risk ruining our friendship forever, but it’s a risk I have to take.

I realise that you can never really give yourself to me. I know that yours will never be an exclusive kind of love, but I’m ok with that. Let me join your harem. Find me a place in the witty banter section of your Mummy Orchestra. Just let me play with you.

If you think you might love me too, I’ll put together a proposal. I’ll get down on one metaphorical knee and come to you with some ideas for a partnership. Something more permanent. Let’s build a future together. You, me, and millions of brilliant Mums.

Just show me a sign…………..

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