Your post-parenthood birthday

It’s my birthday. There were big plans involving babysitting, drunkenness, amazing food and a night in a hotel. Sadly they were all cancelled when I did my back in (sleeping on the Hulks bedroom floor, the tinker)  leaving me  barely able to walk. Then I got tonsillitis. Not really the birthday presents I was expecting, but it’s got me out of the household chores for a bit and that’s a present of sorts!

So on this auspicious day, the anniversary of the ruination of my mothers vagina, I find myself in soft play. It’s not really what I had in mind, but the children needed to do some exercise and its raining. To top this sorry situation off, a small child who looks like Jimmy Kranky just ran over my foot in a Little Tikes car. I was meant to be in a Jacuzzi about now. I was expecting to be slightly hungover. I should have a belly full of something nice (maybe with a reduction of something and a confit of something pretentious with a medley of seasonal vegetables resting on a bed of shredded something.) I shouldn’t really be drinking some crap coffee on a wobbly table while a random toddler goes through my handbag and a crawling baby tries to eat my daughters discarded shoe.

Or should I?? Is this the way of the post children birthday? After all, this is very reflective of my life these days. And is it right to celebrate your birthday without the whole family being there? The kids think birthdays are amazing. The Diva throws parties for her imaginary friend on a weekly basis. They love a birthday. Is it wrong to have desperately wanted to enjoy my birthday without them? I am a mother.  I am also a wife, friend, daughter, sister and comrade. Do I get to choose which hat to wear on this, MY special day. And is it a bit wrong that my party hat of choice isn’t the “Mummy” hat?

As it turns out I didn’t get to chose, fate (or the Hulk, depending on how much responsibility you can attribute to a 2 years old for a back injury) took matters out of my hands. So along with most of the Diva’s 5 year old classmates, I’m celebrating my 37th birthday in soft play. I’m half expecting them to wheel out that little trolley of jam sandwiches, cheese batons and cherry tomatoes. I’m waiting for someone to invite me into the party room and hand me one of those annoying little party horns. I probably wouldn’t mind if they gifted me a sparkly cone shaped hat. It would just be nice to feel like my birthday hadn’t passed me by this year. There’s always next year, if I’m lucky maybe someone will book the village hall and Mr Tumble wannabe. I just hope there will be party bags……


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    1. Happy birthday! Hehe love this. We should insist on party bags for adults! My birthday was the first time
      I left the baby and we went to the pub at the end of our road, where I constantly checked me phone and was drunk after 2 beers! #FridayFrolics

    1. Haha! Yes, I’ve given up with any real birthday plans for me now! Just do presents and cake with the little ones, but actually I’m quite happy with that! Though, now you mention it, I WOULD like party bags! #fridayfrolics

    1. This post is so unassumingly sweet! I hope that you really did enjoy your birthday. I also hope that you get to have a grown up birthday in conjunction next year. 😉 #bigpinklink

    1. Hahahaha, we took my hubby to the soft play for his birthday! I’d never get away with celebrating without my two, they are totally birthday mad and constantly trying to work out who is next up. I do however, think that two celebrations is perfectly acceptable. One where you don’t get to open any of your own pressies, blow out the candles on your own cake or go anywhere remotely grown up, and the second totally selfishly doing whatever the heck you want with whomever you choose. 😀 Really hope your spa break is on hold and not cancelled for good. Thanks so much for linking up with us! #bigpinklink

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