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Happy Christmas dear husband

So this week is our 10 year anniversary dear heart. That’s 10 whole years of sharing a life. 10 years of tolerating each others foibles. 10 years of love and 10 years of bickering. 10 years of my inability to put anything away where it belongs, and 10 years of your flatulence leaving me feeling like I am actually chewing on one of your shits.

A lot has happened in that 10 years and we’ve seen some ups and downs. There have been days when I would have happily shut your head in an oven. There have been days when I know you wish you could staple my mouth shut. But we are still here. Still here together, holding hands amongst the madness. And for this, I salute you. I am not easy to live with. Of late, I have been a less than appreciative wife. And for this I am sorry.

You didn’t want me to get you a Christmas present, you wanted us to spend all available funds on the kids. So instead I give you this – a love letter of sorts. A testament to your excellence. Here for all to see, the many reasons why I love you.

  • Lets start at the beginning. When we got together, I had little confidence in the way I looked. A lifetime of being overweight had left my self worth pretty low. You told me I was beautiful and I believed that you really thought it. And thanks for still grabbing my arse every so often. I act like it’s annoying but I secretly love it that you still think its worth grabbing.
  • Your hard work and diligence. Although nothing really prepared me for the speed at which a grown man in some small pink cleaning shorts can wield a feather duster, it showed me how much you like to do a job “properly”. From maintaining our home, to advancing your career,  and to raising our children, you put everything you have into everything you do. I get bored halfway through and wander off distracted. You stay until a task is complete. Without you, nothing would ever get sorted, nothing would get thrown away, the house would be a shambles.
  • We had 2 children. I struggled to cope after each one. You tried your hardest to understand and to not react when I was losing my marbles. You saw I needed help. You gave up your rugby season ticket. You gave up your weekend social life. You shared the burden. I never thanked you. Instead I had a go at you when you got home late from work. I accused you of not helping. I resented your daytime freedom. I was jealous of your solo toilet visits and adult conversation.  I forgot you were working hard too. I am so sorry for being ungrateful.
  • We laugh. Some days include more laughter than others, but its never too far away. I love those nights when we lie in bed like Morcambe and Wise in our PJ’s just being silly and joking about something inane. Bedtimes with 2 small children who don’t sleep, are a lot less sexy than they used to be, but I’m grateful to feel so at home with you.
  • You look after our 2 children without having to call in re-enforcements. You can do it alone. You manage admirably. You haven’t just fathered two children, you parent two children. In years to come they will hopefully carry with them a real understanding of a father’s place in family life. Because of you. All because of you.

I don’t deserve you, but my God am I thankful I’ve got you.

Yours Forever

Wife (you know, the moany one)



Mr and Mrs T Plus Three


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