I’m going home, and I’m taking my ball with me…..Brexit.

So, like a petulant school child, we have decided to leave the EEC.

We saw some other kids playing nicely in the park in the sixties. It looked like fun. We wanted to join in, but they weren’t sure. We went home and got all our best toys out, we had a nice football so by the seventies they let us join in. They had a rather swanky set of marbles, and we were keen to be in the game. Time passed. We enjoyed the fun. Sometimes we won and sometimes we lost. Sometimes we argued with the other players. We all wore different jumpers and we weren’t really sure who was our team, it was a bit confusing. Sometimes this being together business left us feeling a little lonely because we didn’t get our way. We got frustrated. Sometimes some of our supporters called the ref a wanker, and they started off little fights with the other kids Mum’s and Dad’s.

Some other kids joined the game. Some of them talked funny and they wore different clothes. We felt a bit frightened. They were happy to play with some of the shit toys we’d left at the edge of the field and we’d sort of forgotten about. We remembered they were ours and we didn’t like it. We didn’t really want the toys but we didn’t really want anyone else to have them either. So we cried. No-one came to comfort us. We felt more sad. The other kids told us we were a big boy now, and we needed to share. They had all shared quite nicely with us, and they reminded us that these things go both ways. We didn’t like it.

So we picked up our ball and our battered old toys and we went home. If they didn’t want to play with us then we’d play on our own. We flounced off shouting “I’m going home, and I’m taking this with me”. We picked up our stuff and left.

So we played on our own for a while, and we got a bit lonely. We tried to get some other people to play, but actually our toys were a bit shit, and no-one was really all that interested. We wondered why no-one liked us. We got a bit of a reputation. We were the sulky kid. The demanding kid. We mostly meant well, but we hadn’t really learnt to keep our emotions in check.

So it’s Europe’s move. They’re feeling a bit disappointed. They thought we were better than this. They aren’t sure what to do, but they’re probably going to  put us on the naughty step. For 3-5 years. Maybe we’ll learn. Probably not.

I don’t normally wade into political debate, but I feel sad today, I feel disappointed. I feel worried. I don’t mind if you don’t share my views. Lets not stop being friends. Let’s still continue on this journey together, Lets make the best of it. The country has never felt so divided. We all want the best, we can work it through.

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